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"Tribute" Don't stop believing

"Tribute" es un documental de rock del 2001 que pretende homenajear a las llamadas bandas tributo. Está dirigido por el matrimonio Rich Fox and Kris Curry. El nombre más conocido que aparece relacionado con el rockumental es el de Steven Soderbergh en calidad de productor ejecutivo. Aparecen todas estas bandas:

There's Sheer Heart Attack, a popular Queen tribute band in L.A. whose untimely breakup sends their number one fan - Mark Eldridge, a.k.a. Superfan - into a tailspin.

Larger Than Life, a Kiss tribute from Modesto, CA, starts making it big only to find that their "Gene Simmons" is a little too into the role for his own good.

Bloodstone, a pack of Judas Priest worshippers in Albany, NY, deal with their own share of drama and also the specter of Tim "Ripper" Owens, a tribute frontman who was tapped to join the real Priest.

The Missing Links, a tribute to the Monkees of all things, are torn apart by a rivalry to rival Lennon and McCartney. Finally, perhaps funniest of all, there's Escape, a Journey tribute who - in Frank Zappa's words - are "only in it for the money."

En palabras de su director:

It's called Tribute, and follows the stories of several tribute bands and their fans. Tribute bands try to emulate rock supergroups like Kiss, Queen, Journey and Judas Priest! It's a funny, disturbing and human look at rockers trying to live out their dreams by imitating others.

Página oficial

Tribute bands -Directory listings and resources of tribute bands

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