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Tenacious D / Trainwreck

Trainwreck es el grupo del "otro" componente de Tenacious D, Kyle Gass. En esta página se pueden escuchar algunos de los temas de su disco, que suena igual de cachondo que el de Tenacious D
También he encontrado un blog monográfico sobre "Nacho libre" y el trailer en español

Además parece que va a aparecer una película llamada "Tenacious D and the pick of destiny" producida por Ben Stiller


A ver si descubrís al batería de Nirvana y a Ben Stiller

JACK: This is it, Buddy

KYLE: What? This is the awesome recording studio where we're gonna record our album?

JACK: It's a studio, it says it on the door! It's official studio!

KYLE: This is one of those lame karaoke things.

JACK: Okay, you wanna bail, go ahead! You wanna walk away from your dreams, or do you wanna come in here with me like

KYLE: Okay

JACK: God, Thank you!

JACK: See man, they got headphones and everything!

KYLE: Wow, Cool!

JACK: Ooh, Sorry!

KYLE: No, look dude, they gotta record other peoples songs.

JACK: Well thats where a little studio engineering comes in handy my hard-rocking amigo!!

This is the greatest and best song in the world...

A long time ago
me and my brother Kyle, here,
we was hitchhiking down
a long and lonesome road.

All of a sudden
there shined a shiny demon
in the middle of the road.

And he said:
"Play the best song in the world
Or I'll eat your souls"

Well, me and Kyle
we looked at each other
and we each said:

And we played the first thing that came to our heads
just so happened to be
the best song in the world.
It was the best song in the world!

Look into my eyes and it's easy to see.
One and one make two,
two and one make three.
It was destiny.

Once every hundred-thousand years or so
when the sun doth shine and the moon doth glow
and the grass doth grow.

Needless to say
the beast was stunned.
Whip-crack with his whoppy tail
and the beast was done.

He asked us:
"(snort) Be you angels?"
And we said:
"NAY! We are but men, ROCK!"

aaahhhh aaahhhh aaaaaaahhhh ooowhooohooo ooowhooohooo aiyahaaho.

This is not
the greatest song in the world, no, no.
This is just a tribute.
Couldn't remember
the greatest song in the world, no, no.
This is a tribute, oh, oh...
to the greatest song in the world, allright!
It was the greatest song in the world, allright!
And it was the best motherfucking song,
the Greatest Song in the world!


And the peculiar thing is this, my friend:
The song we sang on that fateful night
it didn't actually sound anything like this song.
This is just a tribute.
You've gotta believe me,
and I wish you were there.
It's just a matter of opinion.
Ah, fuck!
Good god! God lovin'!
I'm so surprised
to find you can't stop me!
O hallelujah I'm found!
Rich motherfucker compadre aaaaah!

Letra choriceada de aquí

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