miércoles, agosto 23, 2006

Baladas metálicas (06) L.A. Guns - The Ballad Of Jane

Jayne Mansfield

The Ballad Of Jane

She was always something special
A diamond shining bright in the rain
Everybody dreams of angels
No one will ever know how much I loved ya so

Now it all seems funny
Kinda like a dream
Things ain`t always what they seem
What a shame
What happened to Jayne

U were always on my mind
A childlike summer days in the sun
Slowly wishes turn to sadness
Time don`t heal a broken gun
I wish I`d never let u go
Hear me now cause I want ya to know


Now she`s breakin` hearts in heaven
Shining bright in the sky
I still hear her voice in the wind
I still thing of u in the night
Well I guess she`ll never know
How much I need her so


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